A powerful 40W Bluetooth® speaker with advanced DSP technology

The BlueAnt Burleigh speaker is capable of producing 100dB+ SPL output of high quality audio while delivering the most dymanic audio powerful bass rarely experienced in a portable speaker of it’s size and weight.

With over 100dB SPL of immersive sound and powerful psycho-acoustic bass extension you can feel, the Burleigh delivers deep rich lows paired with a highly dynamic sound range for the most sophisticated stereo spatial listening experience possible.

  • Advanced Grammy Award winning DSP software
  • Expertly Tuned by Studio Engineers
  • User Defined Equalisation with 3 EQ Modes
  • Patented psycho-acoustic bass extension for deeper richer lows
  • Crystal, clear high frequency enhancement
  • Surgically precise paragraphic equalizer
  • Sophisticated dynamics compensation for increased volume without artefacts
  • Intelligent volume stabilizers for smooth output levels
  • Stereo Spatial enhancement providing users the best seat in the house

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burleigh Features

Powerful 40 Watt
Bluetooth® Speaker
IP54 Splashproof
Bluetooth® 4.2 for
faster connectivity
Bass Extension
100dB+ SPL Output
of Dynamic HQ Audio
3 EQ Modes Tuned
by Studio Engineers