COMMUTE Voice Activated Handsfree

Brisbane Times

Charles Wright

The Commute has restored our faith in hands-free calling - the supposed ability of a hands-free unit to interpret one's spoken instructions, find a contact in a phone address book, and place a call to the right person. It doesn't always work but the Commute has a higher success ratio than anything else we've tried. For a device that costs less than $100, it's quite impressive.

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KARE 11 News

David Viggiano - Gadget Guy: Entertainment on the road

Spring break! Many families will be packing the car and hitting the road for a spring break vacation, and more than likely wanting to bring along some gadgets to pass the time. So how do you keep the family safe, entertained, and active in that cramped car?

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David Viggiano - Gadget Guy: Entertainment on the road

To find the clip, go to, and on the right side of the page there is a section called "Playlist." Click on "Gadget Guy: Entertainment on the Road." David Viggiano, effectively demonstrates the calling functionality of the Commute. He also notes the product is great for sending texts, e-mails, taking calls and announcing caller names

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Aoife McEvoy

The $99 BlueAnt Commute speakerphone, much like its cousins, the S4 and the S3, houses the devices controls along a flat surface. Almost all car units I've tested sport physical buttons??and the larger, the better, in my book as it makes using them while driving all the more safe.

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Merilee Kern - Travel Finds They'll Envy You For. The 'Luxe List' Executive Editor

For anyone who spends a lot of time in their car, making calls or texting while driving can be very dangerous and actually illegal in many places. The Commute from Blue Ant Wireless, a leader in Bluetooth technology, readily solves this problem.

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You & Me This Morning - Family Vacation Must Have Tech

David Viggiano

David Viggiano featured the COMMUTE at 1:28 mark.

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Good Morning San Diego

Bruce Pechman

Bruce Pechman, a technology expert also known as Mr. Bicep, gives an on-camera demonstration of the COMMUTE.

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Through My Eyes

Doug Kranz

The BlueAnt Commute works flawlessly! The aspect that surprised me the most, is that no one knew I was on a speakerphone in the car. In fact, they were surprised I was on a Bluetooth device.

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Angela Min

After using this product for a couple of days, I can happily say that my temptation to check my phone has completely disappeared. So if you're looking for something to help you with those long car commutes, consider getting the BlueAnt Commute.

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NBC News

Rob Lovitt

7 gifts for the various travelers on your list

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Benchmark Reviews

Olin Coles

The BlueAnt Commute voice-activated handsfree car kit exceeded my expectations. It worked incredibly well with Apple's Siri assistance, and may offer similar functionality for users with the Google Voice Search feature tuned and operating properly on their smartphone.

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Tech Talk with Mr. Noobie

Accessorize Your Smartphone

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Cheap Car Insurance

The BlueAnt Commute Voice Activated Handsfree Car Kit is a smart way to read and send messages, and make calls handsfree.

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Musings From a Stay At Home Mom

The only Bluetooth device on the market that allows users to send and read messages with Siri and Android totally handsfree.

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Rachel Weingarten

Great gifts for a richer life: Technology that saves time, money

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Gift Guide: Top Tech Gifts

Megan Rebelo

Does your car lack a central Bluetooth communications system? Mine does. It seems the model of my car missed the boat on including Bluetooth by one year. But now, BlueAnt, the manufacturer of high-performance, cutting-edge products has introduced a new product, The Commute.

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