ENDURE Rugged Bluetooth Earpiece
ENDURE Rugged Bluetooth Earpiece

ENDURE Rugged Bluetooth Earpiece

Built to Last with Superior Wind Performance

The BlueAnt Endure is built tough for active headset users and combines patented design features and advanced microphone technology software to deliver clear audio in wind speeds up to 25 mph, the best wind noise reduction of any Bluetooth headset on the market.

The BlueAnt Endure Rugged Bluetooth Earpiece is the successor to the highly acclaimed T1 Rugged Bluetooth headset.

The Endure now features inbuilt dust and moisture protection and is tougher than ever. Wind, dust and moisture are no problem.

Caller Name Announce, Voice answer and audio streaming

The Endure features BlueAnt's caller name announce, so you will always know who is calling. The name of the caller is heard through the headset as you receive a call. You don't even need to put down tools or stop what you are doing to answer the call. Simply say "Answer" or "Ignore" when prompted by the earpiece to accept or reject the call.

It is that simple.

The Endure also offers A2DP for streaming audio of podcasts and turn-by-turn directions from GPS applications on your mobile phone.

For iphone and Android users access to voice control features of your handset are now so easy with the Endure. Simply double tap the main button on the headset to dial without touching your phone via Siri/Google Voice Actions or Voice Dial over bluetooth*.

Free Android Application

Users with Android devices can further enhance their BlueAnt Endure by installing the BlueAnt Endure Android application. The application provides text message readout directly into the headset and includes help and support for your Endure. Click here to learn more about the application

* if supported by your phone

ENDURE Rugged Bluetooth Earpiece
ENDURE Rugged Bluetooth Earpiece