CONNECT Bluetooth Earpiece
CONNECT Bluetooth Earpiece

The Best Value Business Headset

Designed For Comfort | Crafted For Sound

Ergonomically Brilliant - Don't Leave Home Without It


Meticulous attention to ergonomic design has led to the creation of a stunning earpiece – supremely comfortable for all day use.


The Connect is easy to use because all you have to do is speak to it in plain English.

Taking calls has never been this easy. Simply say, "Answer" or "Ignore" to handle the call, and to make calls, just double tap the Command button to start voice dialing on your phone. *

The Connect includes our comprehensive and intuitive voice control, along with Caller Name Announce* and Voice Answer.


The Connect also features simple one touch Conferencing*. You can answer, swap, merge and end calls on the Connect, with no need to touch your phone. No other earpiece offers such extensive features at your fingertips. If you’re already on a call, you can hold your active call and take the new one. If you want to bring both calls together, you can merge them to form a conference call with no fuss - just press and hold the command button. It is that simple. Your daily call routine just got simpler.

Best of all, the Connect helps you do the things you need in the most intuitive way - whether they are in the car, the office or anywhere in between, three-way calling is a breeze.

CONNECT Bluetooth Earpiece


The Connect features BlueAnt’s patent pending Wind Armour Technology™ and Voice Isolation Technology to deliver full rich audio and unsurpassed call clarity.

You can now adjust the sound levels with our new iconic volume rocker. This works for all three volume settings – Voice prompts, In call and A2DP streaming audio.


BlueAnt has always been on the cutting edge of Bluetooth products, and the Connect is no exception. True Multipoint allows you to connect to two phones simultaneously and answer the one that rings. You can even swap between phones and answers calls on either phone - even when you’re on another call. No other Earpiece comes close to the call flexibility and acumen of the Connect.

A simple double tap takes you to our Siri and Google Voice Action integration so you can drive your phone with your voice as well. *

We have added an iPhone battery meter so you can see your charge level at a glance.

The Connect will also read back text messages on Android* through our Android application or on iPhone through Siri.


BlueAnt is aware of the inherent frustrations that typically go along with using a Bluetooth device.

It starts with the setup process, and goes all the way through to saying good night to your daughter as you are on your way to your big presentation on the other side of the world.

You don't have time to be bothered with reading a manual so the instructions are built right into the technology. It's our passion and focus on delivering the next level of Bluetooth innovation that will always allow you to Simply Connect.

* If supported by your phone and network

CONNECT Bluetooth Earpiece

Rich True-To-Life Sound

The Connect features BlueAnt’s human sculpted audio bringing the best out in your conversations.

The Connect features high fidelity microphones to ensure you always sound your best. In fact they have to be the best.

As the Connect is a voice controlled earpiece the microphones have to be the highest fidelity.

The speaker delivers a rich rounded tone that is perfect for speech.

We know how the human voice is supposed to sound and tune the performance of our components specifically to enhance these frequencies.

When you use the Connect you will hear the difference and so will those you talk to.

Comfort For All Day Use

The Connect is designed for comfort.

The ergonomically engineered ear hook and contoured shape of the Connect is designed to frame the face and provide the comfort needed for all day use.

The Connect is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing it and it will become and extension of your phone.

Allowing you to continue communicating while keeping your hands free to catch up on emails while you talk.