RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer
RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer

Stream To Any Speaker

Ultra-portable Sound You Wear

Twist and Go: With this simple action you can attach the Ribbon to your shirt, t-shirt or jacket and have streaming music at your fingertips without having to touch your phone.

Use Any Headphones

The Ribbon features a standard 3.5mm stereo output so you can use the supplied true-to-life earbuds or your favorite headphones*.

One Touch Music Control

Simply press the controls on the Ribbon to control the track and volume with no need to get out your phone.

AptX streaming

The Ribbon includes aptX for 'wired' quality streaming Bluetooth music. This is as good as it gets for streaming audio fidelity. Simply pair and connect your aptX enabled device to the Ribbon and you will instantly hear the difference.

RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer
RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer

Make and Take Calls

The inbuilt microphone allows you to make and take calls while you listen in HD quality. You can even start Siri or Google Voice Actions** to take control of your phone.

On the Road

The Ribbon includes a 3.5MM AUX cable that plugs into the AUX port in your car. This means your car stereo can playback music from your phone via Bluetooth.

In the Home

There is no need to worry about changing standards, plugs or connectors with the Ribbon. Your Hi-fi, speaker dock and surround sound only needs an AUX input to work. This allow you to keep using the speakers you have with new phones.

Simply plug the included 3.5mm AUX cable into your Hi-fi or Speaker Dock Aux input and use your Ribbon to transform your home into a Bluetooth streaming powerhouse.

You can even keep your phone on you to use as a remote control while you stream music at home.***

RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer

* standard 3.5mm stereo headphones are supported by the Ribbon
** if supported by your phone
*** range of use from Ribbon is dependent on interference