PUMP Boost Wired HD Audio Sportbuds
PUMP Boost Wired HD Audio Sportbuds

Audio Adrenaline Dual Driver Masterpiece, the Smart Sound for Smartphones

The BlueAnt PUMP BOOST raises the bar for audio and takes it to number 11. The patented dual driver really packs a punch with a 15mm woofer and a 7mm tweeter to drive a simply stunning soundstage so rich, you won't believe your ears.

With mega loud sublime performance, they deliver a scissor kick to the senses with sub bass venting, and crystal clear HD sound all day long.

A true audiophile sound normally only found on high end equipment.

PUMP Boost Wired HD Audio Sportbuds PUMP Boost Wired HD Audio Sportbuds

Lock and Load design means comfort that stays put

At BlueAnt, we how to make headphones that stay put for all day use. We also know that comfort must go hand in hand with fit. The PUMP BOOST comes with 3 sizes of ComfortSeal tips, (small/medium/large) to ensure they give you the best and most comfortable seal, because the best fit gives you the best sound.

The intuitive design is easy to enjoy instantly with passive noise isolation, to extend your comfort zone and block out the world.

Complete Control on the Go

The BOOST has simple one touch controls* for tracks, volume and calls, with a built-in microphone, right on the cable so there is no need to get out your phone, or stop what you are doing to access them.

All of these controls work for iOS devices*. Android and Windows phone functionality varies dependent on phone model.

Siri and Google Now are simply just a click away.

PUMP Boost Wired HD Audio Sportbuds

* If supported by your phone and network