Edgar Alvarez

The Embrace does an amazing job at blocking out the street noise around New York City, which is a huge plus given that I mostly use these during my daily commutes. What's more, they're extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to the supple leather cushioning those 40mm drivers. Add in some metal and minimalist BlueAnt branding, and you've got an eye-catching, but still subtle design.

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Tech Talk with Mr. Noobie

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Indy Style TV

Gifts for your Sweetie

The best high quality headphones you can get.

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Reviews 4i

I can easily say these are my favorite on or over the ear headphones by a very large margin. They managed to pack so many nice goodies into an amazing looking pair of headphones and an unbelievably affordable price.

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Trusted Reviews

Edward Chester

The Blueant Embrace are a truly great set of headphones. They look stylish, are superbly well-made, pack in plenty of features and extras in the box, and most of all they sound great too.

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Wyatt's Tech Corner


I am no stranger to BlueAnt products so when I read they released a wired on-ear stereo headset just I had to know more about it. After all this is a company known for it's bluetooth headsets and handsfree car speakerphone units.

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Ian Morris

Wearing the BlueAnt Embrace is a pleasure. Well, it is in as much as any headphones are. The ear pads cover your ear, but don't surround them, for us, this meant our ears stayed cool, and we liked that.

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MTV Clutch

Gift Guide: What Your Headphones Say About You

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Holiday 2011 Gift Guide For Your Significant Other.

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Russ Walkowich

There are headphones and then there are just headphones. BlueAnt has set out to show how headphones should be done, and as far as I'm concerned, they have really succeeded with the Embrace Stereo headphones.

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Now this has to be, in our opinion, one of the most effective packaging schemes that we had in terms of headphones. The product itself is presented in a simple yet elegant hard cardboard overlaying package that has product images of the EMBRACE in both front and back covers.

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Matthew Miller

BlueAnt has been making Bluetooth headsets for years and now is trying out the wired stereo headphone market. The Embrace is an excellent headset built with comfort and quality in mind.

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Gadget Guy


The Embrace headphones move away from BlueAnt's bluetooth wireless line, and focus on comfort and sound quality.

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Steve Guttenberg

My ears and head appreciate being coddled like this. The sound mimics the Embrace's look and feel: it's smart and sophisticated. The on-ear design does a fair job blocking external noise.

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The Gadgeteer

Adam Scinto

BlueAnt's recently introduced the Embrace headphones, and they've graciously sent a pair for the Gadgeteer to review this week. These are BlueAnt's first non-Bluetooth headphones, using a standard 1/8? connector, and designed with a focus on sound quality and comfort.

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ABC News Technology

Andrea Smith

This is a complicated time to be a student starting the school year, and to be a parent trying to make sure your son or daughter has the right hardware and software. Here are some ideas provided by schools and manufacturers for students arriving at college.

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Nir Schneider

BlueAnt is one of my favorite Bluetooth headset manufacturer, and when I heard BlueAnt introduced a brand new pair of headphones I was really pumped to give them a try. BlueAnt's Embrace headphones aren't Bluetooth enables, nor are they wireless.

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K.C. Kim

BlueAnt has launched their first Wired Stereo Headphones and it is the stylish EMBRACE. The EMBRACE will compete in the same segment as the Bowers & Wilkins P5, V-MODA Cross-fade LP, and Beats by Dr. Dre.

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CNET Editor's Review

Dan Carnoy

The BlueAnt Embrace headphones are comfortable, sturdy headphones that fold for compact storage in an included carrying case. They feature a detachable cord with microphone and navigation controls for cell phone use, and deliver very good, natural sound.

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Gear Diary

Dan Cohen

Is there room for yet another pair of headphones in the mix, let alone from a company that is known for its Bluetooth devices rather than wired-audio? That's the question faced by BlueAnt with the release of their EMBRACE wired on-ear headphones. How do they hold up in an already crowded market? Read on to find out

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Slash Gear

Evan Selleck

BlueAnt Stereo Headphones Hands On: We managed to get some time with the headphones, testing them against the noise of the entire showroom floor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and we walked away both surprised, and pleased.

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David Carnoy

A set of stylishly designed over-ear headphones that include an integrated mic and controls for the iPhone.

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Into Mobile

Marc Flores

I would definitely pick up a pair of these headphones. They're comfortable to wear, they do an excellent job of noise control and the sound quality is excellent.

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