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@SassyRugger: @MyBlueAnt GOT You For Work Today! I love you!

@sostlouis: @MyBlueAnt just installed & got my new ant im in luv

@pptwo4: Having a Bluetooth is so useful when I'm doing 10 things at once. I heart my @MyBlueant Q2

@jeffbaileyjeff: @MyBlueAnt I got the q2 platinum. It sounds amazing. Voice answer is sick. I listen to music all day on my headset. Samsung focus Zune pass.

@janinesimmons: Hey @MyBlueAnt I have the #BlueAnt S4, perfect for the road warriors!

@MyBlueAnt: Nice! RT @Eiht: Just bought a @MyBlueAnt Q2 to replace my 7 month dead jawbone icon (my 3rd JB). Couldn't be happier.

@RaysonMedia: DUDE this thing is super cool RT @pptwo4: Waiting for @TheRayson to pick up his @myblueant Platinum Q2(my bday gift for him, yay).

@pptwo4: My package arrived! 2 Platinum @MyBlueant Q2(smart Bluetooth headset)

@MommaYoung: Loving @MyBlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Wireless

@EL_Stine: I never thought I'd actually listen to music thru @MyBlueAnt but it's actually very clear, not to mention convenient.

@MomMaven: Need a hands free speakerphone for your car? heck out the @MyBlueAnt S4. I love it! #tech #gadgets

@mjacksteit: @BlackBerry on @myblueant Q2! I love it!! :) & it works so well on my #bold

@enzoem: @myblueant pic from last night's NYC @gdgt event

@bestbigbness: @MyBlueAnt When I get my #EMBRACE headphones, The first song I'll listen to is "All The Paces" by @chocboywunda & C.L.Smooth #drumsthump

@antistatic: @MyBlueAnt When I get my #EMBRACE headphones, I'm gonna listen to Ghosts 'n' Stuff by Deadmau5 to give 'em a big 'welcome home'!

@Cloudscout: @MyBlueAnt For some reason it just seems like it would be appropriate for the first song I listen to on my #EMBRACE to be "Born to be Wild".

@sharisons: @MyBlueAnt I will use my #EMBRACE to listen to Within Attraction and Santorini by Yanni.

@RogerGrosser: @MyBlueAnt I will first use my #EMBRACE headphones to listen to Genesis>Selling England by the Pound>The Cinema Show! :-) #EMBRACE

@mikiemikep: @myblueant I would #embrace some Mozart or Beethoven, then test the range with the Jay-Z. HOLA HOVITO

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