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The BlueAnt Android™ applications further enhance the integration between your BlueAnt device and your Android smartphone.

Now you can hear your text messages read aloud directly into your headset or speakerphone.

BlueAnt Android Application is now available for the BlueAnt Q3, BlueAnt CONNECT, BlueAnt COMMUTE, BlueAnt RIBBON, BlueAnt Q2, the BlueAnt Endure, the BlueAnt T1, the BlueAnt S4, the BlueAnt Sense/S3, and the BlueAnt Q1.

In addition to reading out your text messages, the application also provides help and support for your BlueAnt device with pairing and connection guidance, support information and a direct link to BlueAnt technical support.

The application is available from the Google Play Store for Android devices running OS 2.1 and above.

Looking For The Android Application?

The application works on the Q3, CONNECT, COMMUTE, RIBBON, Q2, Endure, T1, S4, Sense/S3 and Q1. Install this application on your Android device to enable text message readout on your BlueAnt device.

Can't Find The Applications In The Google Play Store?

Click here to download and install the applications directly from this website.

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Please watch our video to learn more about the BlueAnt Android Applications:

BlueAnt Android Application

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