Chez BlueAnt, nous nous efforçons de produire les meilleurs produits et d'offrir le meilleur service à la clientèle.

Vous trouverez ici certains commentaires que nous avons reçus durant ces années de nos clients :

  • A warning - do not attempt this at home!

    I've had my Q2 for a while, after upgrading from a T1. Unfortunately my wife washed it (my fault for leaving it in my shirt pocket I suppose). Thinking it was worth attempting to save, I put it in a cup of rice, and put it in a slightly warm oven (100C or less). Forgetting it was in there...my wife proceeded to bake cookies at 350C. (Why she wants to destroy this headset is still unknown!). I thought it was a destroyed for sure. Now I know you would not officially condone anyone trying this, but I plugged it in to charge anyway. I had to re-pair with my phone...but it works perfectly! Thanks!

    John Higo Canada

  • In October 2012 I purchased BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset from my local AT&T store. I use it occasionally when I'm in the office and exclusively while driving - which was the case when our family traveled from Georgia to Mississippi for Christmas.

    Upon returning from Mississippi on December 26, I realized I had lost my Q2. I looked everywhere - twice - no luck. Since I was not planning any more travel until March, I decided to delay purchasing another Bluetooth device until just before that trip. Honestly, I had given no thought to whether I'd purchase another BlueAnt, or some other brand.

    Then yesterday evening, February 4, I walked to an area at the edge of my driveway and there, lying in the soft dirt, was my Q2. When I say, "soft dirt", I should explain that several days before this we had had torential rain and that very spot was nothing but mud, but because the sun had been shining for a few days, the ground was a little drier. Also, since December 26, we have a few days of snow on the ground and sub-freezing temperatures. Also, this is the same area where I park my truck. Although I don't drive my truck every day, I feel certain that I've run over the Q2 several times.

    So, I was understandably happy to find the Q2. But after it being exposed to rain, snow, freezing temperatures and being run over with a truck for over a month, I really didn't have much hope that it would work. Nevertheless, I plugged it in to recharge overnight. This morning, after turning it on, what a real surprise it was to hear that rich baritone voice announce to me, "Your phone is connected."

    So this email is the say thanks for making such a quality product. If I ever do lose the Q2 for real, or if something happens that I need to purchase another bluetooth headset, you can be sure that I will consider nothing but BlueAnt. And you can be certain that I will share this information with all my collegues. Everyone needs to know what a truly superior product you make. Thanks again.

    Charles GA, USA

  • I actually do not have a problem. I have had my BlueAnt for a year and a half and I have WASHED it in the washing machine TWICE...AND IT STILL WORKS!!

    This is the BEST bluetooth device I have ever had. Thank you for developing such a wonderful device; it clearly beats out ALL competition as far as I'm concerned.

    A VERY loyal customer


  • I recently bought the BlueAnt Q2. I have always sworn by your products, and for anyone who doesn't believe me, please trust me when I say that this is by far the best earpiece ever. My dog recently chewed my earpiece up. He tore off part of the ear phone. I super glued it back together, and not only do I have it still, but it works just fine. There are no problems, it still connects to my phone, and it says and reads all my messages back to me like it did before. For those of you who are not believers, this is not only the best ear piece, but it is very durable as well. It's been dog tested, and dog approved to still function through anything. It truly stands up to anything. Thank you for making a great product built to last.

    Margaro Pena

  • We have bought a S4 Hands free for a friend who no longer has the use of her hands, it works fantastic for her.

    Thank you for puting a product like this on the market. Can I encourage you to make your product known to the various Societies that do work with handicaped people?

    When we were searching for a phone system like yours no one seemed to know about yours.

    Rohan, Australia

  • I just picked up a BlueAnt S4 for my wife for our anniversary. I looked at many gleaming reviews and made an educated purchase. As an iPhone fanatic, I am extremely hard to please when it comes to electronics and their design, and am rarely this impressed with any product.

    It was astoundingly easy to set up and use, the speaker and voice are ridiculously clear and pleasant, and the design is stunning. As I was typing this, I reached for my Apple wireless magic mouse and eventually realized it was the BlueAnt I was caressing.

    That is a compliment! It gives me hope and good feelings when I experience a product this good. Fantastic job, people! Really uplifting work on this one. Thank you.

    Frederick, USA

  • Your products are absolutely fantastic! It's like talking to a real person, not a programed device.

    I am a residential and commercial painter and I am extremely happy with my Q1. I'll always rely on BlueAnt for your outstanding quality.

    I tried 2 other Bluetooth products before I discovered BlueAnt. Most practical operation, best quality, best voice recognition, best sound quality, simple pairing and other functions AND Q1 is very comfortable, even for a 12 or 24 hour work day.

    James, Canada

  • The service I have just this received from your technicians Alan and Jack was so outstanding that I asked for their supervisor's name so I could advise you of this.

    Initially today I was connected to Alan, who showed extraordinary patience as he talked me through various ways to sort out the Bluetooth. The phone line dropped out and this time it was Jack who took the call. Jack showed similar patience. At no time did either of them show any annoyance at my difficulties. The end result is that the Bluetooth is now fixed, and I think your customer service is fantastic.

    Marilyn, Australia

  • I just wanted to follow up and confirm the excellent service I received today. Thanks again for all the handholding.

    The headset succeeds on so many levels (comfort, voice-activation, noise-cancelling...) and I'm happy that we were able to fix the only dealbreaker. You guys and gals all deserve a raise and a vacation.

    K R, USA

  • Just received repaired BlueAnt unit. What a turnaround! Again, terrific customer service, and your attention and professionalism is very much appreciated. Thanks to your prompt customer service I continue to be a strong ambassador for your brand.

    John C

  • My T1 headset was washed in a high efficiency washer and dried for 99 minutes on high. I was quite surprised when I turned the now-very-clean headset on it worked! Guess that is what is meant by "rugged".... Nice job!

    Kara Lynn Rankin, USA

  • I was unable to locate my V1 for about a month. While putting a load of long sleeve dress shirts from the washer into the dryer, I noticed my V1 in the washing machine.

    I forgot that I put my V1 in my front shirt pocket and I accidentally washed my V1 in a very powerful top loading washing machine. I'm talking about a computer that washes clothes. Anyway, I put my V1 in front of a tower fan on high for 24 hours hoping it would dry out and still operate. It did! Unbelieveable!

    I have been using BlueAnt Bluetooth headsets exclusively for years now and after this experience I will never buy another brand of Bluetooth headset in my life! Thank you for making the best performing and quality Bluetooth headset on the market!

    J Skramstad

  • Just wanted to let you guys know that the Blue Ant S4 or Jerry as I have named it is my on the go best friend. It's very easy to use, loud, and responds to my commands 99% of the time. I have referred the Blue Ant S4 to my soldiers and have used it twice in classes as a representation of what to use here on base and out in town. Thank you so much and be proud your saving lives while maintaining reasonable pricing, and modern design.

    Josh, Fort Lewis, Washington

  • I just want to tell you that you make a great product.

    I lost my BlueAnt Z9i in January when I was visiting a friend's house. Then on April 9th my friend found my BlueAnt when he was doing some yard work. It had been outside in his yard for 11 weeks, through several snow and rain storms, and yet I charged it and it worked just fine.

    I'm so happy to have my BlueAnt back. Thanks a lot.

    Thomas, Utah

  • Just a quick note to say a huge "Thank you" to yourself and your company for your excellent customer service.

    I was truly amazed with the very fast turn around time, as my item was back to me before I knew it.

    I look forward to using my restored BlueAnt device, knowing that it will have many many more years of reliable high performance service.

    However if I ever I do need another product, then BlueAnt is now my ONLY choice in this marketplace.

    Brett, Australia

  • I slipped off our boat with my BlueAnt on and I got out of the water expecting it to be broke, but it still worked! Very Cool! Thanks!

    Chris, USA

  • Thank you so much for standing behind your products, and taking care of me and my problem in such an outstanding fashion. Most companies would have declined to help and blamed it on me in some way... And I just think it shows such a high level of integrity, for the way you have stood behind your products and your brand! BlueAnt should be proud!


  • The level of customer service you gave me was beyond any expectations I had. My most sincere compliments to you and your company. I will remain a loyal customer and an advocate of your company. Thank you again.

    Richard, California

  • Just wanted to let you know that I received a new replacement unit today in the post, thanks again for your assistance. Great turn around time, you guys should be complimented on your fantastic customer service.

    Robert, Australia

  • Thank you very much for your prompt warranty action regarding my BlueAnt ear piece. I use it in my work, and your speedy return of a replacement unit is very appreciated. I have other BlueAnt devices and am very pleased with them, and will certainly recommend them to other people.

    Michael, Australia

  • Just like to say that your customer service is really exceptional, compared with the impersonal recorded voice or email contacts I've experienced with other companies: personal, competent, no delay and solves the problem!

    Please keep up the good work!

    Hendrik, Austria

  • In the eye of the public, a company is not measured by problems it may encounter but how it deals with them. It is with great satisfaction that I say you top the class.

    Brett, Australia

  • I have bought and tried quite a few handsfree car kits. None of them have been satisfactory.

    The S4 seems to have gotten it all together. Even on the freeway people have no problems hearing and understanding me. The voice recognition works flawlessly. Sound quality is good. I think my search for the best handsfree car kit is over.

    Mike, Ohio

  • I received the new Bluetooth today and was really happy with it. Thank you very much I really appreciate it. I have told my friends (and staff members) who want to buy a hands free for their car to buy your product as your customer service is brilliant.

    Dipali, Australia

  • This is just a quick email to say thank you for your assistance with my BlueAnt Bluetooth Headset. I will not hesitate to let others know about the products and service that they too can expect to receive.

    Greg, Australia

  • I just wanted to say that I think the Q1 is the best Bluetooth hands down. I let everyone know about your product. I am a very happy person who will always own a BlueAnt product.

    Kelley, Ohio

  • Wanted to say after owning my Z9 for about 3 plus years, it performs flawlessly. I am very happy with BlueAnt headsets and look to upgrade soon. Thanks BlueAnt for a quality product.

    Richard, California

  • Thank you for the replacement headset. It's nice to see a company that stands behind its product in this day and age. The quality of the BlueAnt is superb. You have a loyal customer in me and I will let my friends and family know what a great company you have. Keep up the good work.

    Terry, Texas