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At BlueAnt we know everyone is looking for their chance to shine, which is why we have developed the ultimate family of Sports Audio and Sports Lifestyle products.

Everything we make is characterised by BlueAnt's innate simple and intuitive technological innovations. With the best fit and finish, optimal sweat and water proofing, top of the range sports audio, sleek design and that elusive X-factor to set us high above the pack.

At BlueAnt we deliver music at its very best to give you the edge you need to compete and push the envelope every single day. We want to help you achieve your goals like, the inspiration to strive, the reliability and durability to never back down, the comfort and stability for the performance you deserve, and the ability to cope with the perspiration that comes with a level of exertion that has known no bounds.

Music is the ultimate performance enhancer and BlueAnt's range of Sports Audio and Sports Lifestyle products cover all the bases.

BlueAnt is a global sports audio and lifestyle brand founded in Australia in 2003.

BlueAnt is Audio Unleashed.

Inventive. Smart. Engineered. Practical. Optimistic. Supportive. Warm. Trustworthy. Bluetooth. CEA. AEEMA.